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About Vivo

Something special happens around a table.

We set the table for that possibility every day. At Vivo Kitchen, we make creative meals from scratch, use locally sourced ingredients, pay extra attention to the details, and treat everyone like a guest in our home—because we know the delicious possibilities we can make happen for you when we do.

We make everything from scratch.

When we see fresh, whole ingredients, our imagination runs wild. Our passion is crafting and serving you meals that not only taste good, but feel good. That’s why everything on your plate was prepared only minutes before it landed there, from ingredients brought straight from the source. We never freeze or reheat—because we think you deserve only the freshest.

We like to keep it local.

People come from far away for a meal at Vivo, which is funny, because most of our ingredients come from farms just down the road. We’re committed to being good neighbors to our farmers—and to always serving you only the very best. That’s why we choose the tastiest local meat and produce—because the relationships we cultivate with our farmers bring you food that’s been cultivated with integrity.

We care about people—on both sides of the table.

On the Vivo team, we take care of each other, from owner, to chef, to server, to prep team, to guest. When we look at people, we don’t see a transaction, but the possibility of a lasting relationship. We’re family—and you’re a guest in our home. So that’s how we’ll treat you.

We’re proud to be here.

Vivo is proud to be part of our South Metro neighborhood. We want to be a part of this community for the next 50 years, serving our neighborhood and you—because we believe service is a long game. We want everything we do inside our four walls to open up wonderful possibilities for the people outside of them, too.