Our Staff


Our secret sauce is our people.

We aim to treat everyone like a guest in our home. This is our home and our team is like family. Every one of us is here on a mission to use our unique skills and creativity to make this a great experience for you. And the potential we cultivate in each other sets the table for the best possible experience for you.


We’re proud of our team.



Daniel joined the Vivo team in Spring 2016, and brings along 17 years of experience in service. He was initially drawn to Vivo’s dedication to success and passion for our food, but what kept him there was the food itself–and the mango salmon dish remains his favorite. Daniel and his wife have no kids, but he boasts a kitchen staff of 27, which he claims is “enough to handle.” When he’s away from the kitchen he can be found outdoors hunting and fishing, or working in his at-home brewery curating the perfect mini set of tap beer.



Since day one, Chef Chris has been a part of the Vivo team. That same team has grown and become like family to him since opening. He’s been working in restaurants for six years, but he says the Vivo team’s commitment to not only their community but also to each other makes it fun to come to work. When he’s not in the kitchen, he’s most likely at a park or lake with his wife and three kids. He believes in culinary experiences that are tailored to each guest—and if he had his way, he’d have the Mango Salmon dish made for him every night.