Whatever your clients are envisioning and wherever they are envisioning it, we can be there and will be honored to be on your team. Whatever your budget, realistic or not, we’ll help you meet client expectations with creativity, the sharing of ideas and efficient execution. Our goal is to provide support, help your event run smoothly and make your life easier!

We’re catering Minneapolis, St. Paul and beyond, so we know how to prepare and serve delicious food in any location. We also have the largest mobile kitchen in Minnesota and it can go anywhere and serve 250+ guests. Our chefs cook inside it on location and whisk delicious creations out to your guests. We can handle all of the beverages too, including soda, beer, and wine. When it comes to event catering, we drive possibility with exceptional food and beverage catering and a culinary team that will work alongside you.

We will work with you to create and serve the freshest seasonal foods, prepared from scratch by one of our experienced chefs. Our farm-grown offerings are rooted in relationships with farmers who care for their crops with pride and commitment. As a result, our seasoned chefs bring the cream of their crop to the palate with dishes made from locally sourced meat, fish, seasonal vegetables and herbs.

From corporate catering to wedding catering and celebrations, we’ll help bring your events to life, without the hassle.

At VIVO Catering, we dream about the moments when good things begin and work with you to make those dreams reality. So whether you’re working with Cinderella and Prince Charming or Bridezilla and Groomzilla, we’ll have your back!

Endless Menu Possibilities

What is your client dreaming of? That’s where we’ll start.

We’re seasoned, so we know what people like, but we intentionally leave some menu pages blank to open the door to possibility. Whatever we create together, the food will look fabulous, taste delicious and leave a lasting impression.